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About Us

QVINTO Beachwear Brand

Qvinto claims the audacity to live the present day, defying contemporaneity, with an inspiration born in the supreme beach culture but living in everything that surrounds it. It is the sea and the forest, the awakening of the city and the colors of the Portuguese soul in a sophisticated product with references to its visual tradition.

From the beaches in the south (from Alentejo to Algarve) to the density of the woods of Gerês, from a walk on the Portuguese ‘calçada’ in Lisbon to the depth of a boat trip in the Douro River, QVINTO beachwear carries the brave refinement of a gentleman that knows what is looking for. With patterns based on the traditional tiles, there is a wide range of possibilities of colour in which luxury is reflected as a brand signature.

"For those who thought that a gentleman is a thing of the past, Qvinto brings up a modern way of being one."
Qvinto - Portuguese Beachwear and Lifestyle Brand